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JuJu on the Beat...

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Pittsburgh Steelers football wide-reciever JuJu Smith-Schuster number #19, now number 1?

As the 2018 season wrapped up, lots of controversy in the Steelers locker room, as the team deals with both issues relating to WR Antonio Brown and RB LeVeon Bell, deciding on wheater to keep them or part ways. As a Steelers fan, its hard to see the team break up, espeacilly with winning seasons. So much talent, with no rings, why is this? Was there to much drama in the locker room?Maybe this is a good thing as the team dismantles and new faces emerge like JuJu, whom is loved by fans due towards his ineration, like playing football with fans at the mall, to his charismatic smile.

As I was painting this, I tried to match and reflect his energy and passion by using vibrant colors. I used a pallete knife, which gives the painting texture.

#TEXTURE #Steelers

IG@JUJU oil on canvas 16x20in

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