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Saluting The Populous

Some won't understand this perspective, nor will some like this just because! Some might even disagree with the stature of this painting and the visual image it's portraying. Yes, I know the Purple Heart is reserved for heroes of the armed forces, and in no way are my intentions to disrespect the military! The message that in which is being conveyed here is in response to the Trump Administration, former Flotus RNC speech (hence her attire), and the mind state of the nation, well at least the majority of it. Accompanied by the United States flag is the POW/MIA flag. Which with the systemic racism, Covid-19 pandemic, voter suppression, injustices and so much more, it seems as if the nation was held prisoner, as the lack of leadership was missing in action. The representation of the Purple Heart Medal of Honor is in correspondence to the over 500,000 plus American lives that were greatly sacrificed, more than that of WWII due to his pandemic which was being down-played, under told and misinformed as it was spreading as many rioted the streets unprotected. The Marine cap, acts for the separation and connection to the world by the oceans and seas, as globally we fought and continue to do so to the pandemic... As one presidency halts to an end and welcoming a new...Salute to the Populous, bringing awareness and hopefully ending all the chaos.

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