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LeBron James over MJ? The G.O.A.T.

This is all heresay , ones perspective or matter of ones opinion. Me growing up in both eras after Jordan retired I actually stopped watching basketball, that is until LeBron James came around. The excitement of watching him play and the relation of being the same age reignited my passion for the game as a spectator.

Personally, myself, I’m a LeBron fan over being a Jordan fan. Yes it is debatable and LeBron has the potential to become greater, especially if he wins 3 or even 4more rings. Yes. It’s also true that LeBron brought a ‘chip back to Cleveland in his hometown down 3-1 in the series to win it all in game 7! Though facts dont lie and the facts are in the statistics.

Now, when Jordan was playing, he wasn’t even my favorite player, I was more of a Knicks fan at the time and liked players like Grant Hill, Gary Payton, Shaq & Penny. Though I respected Jordan because of his work ethic and determination to take over and be clutch in the 4th quarter. Though there hasn’t been a year where LeBron hasn’t been absent in the NBA finals until the previous year, the fact still remains LeBron has 3 ‘Chips and Jordan 6. (Plus Jordan has another ‘chip from Space Jam which is anime and universal). All jokes aside, Jordan is currently the G.O.A.T. due to the fact of stats and look at all the great hall of famers he denied and prevented from getting a championship... Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, John and Karl in Utah, the list goes on etc... Now if LeBron had stopped KD when he joined the Warriors I’d probably be debating this in LeBron’s favor... So until LeBron gets 6, then and only then he will be crowned King!

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